Get Practical Advice to Enhance Your Career Preparation Strategy

According to Eduventures, career preparation has been the No. 1 driver of enrollment for students since 2013. In a recent Brookings survey, 86 percent of students said that getting a better job was very important in their decision to enroll. Yet, a McKinsey & Company survey showed that only 42 percent of employers say that students are well prepared for the workplace, and 45 percent say that lack of skills is the main reason for entry-level vacancies.

How can you close the gap? We gathered research and interviewed students, employers and career services professionals to create a set of practical steps to connect academics with industry.

Download this resource to get our eight tips for integrating career preparation throughout the student lifecycle.

Published April 2016

Keypath Education partners with higher education institutions worldwide to launch and grow degree programs through online program management (OPM) – a strategic relationship entailing market research, capital investment, marketing, student recruitment, retention and career preparation. Through OPM partnerships, Keypath acts as an extension of your team, keeping your brand and academic rigor intact while accelerating the growth and quality of your program portfolio.