Why Business Skills for Physicians Are Crucial to Patient Outcomes


Solo practice and private practice physicians know there’s more to exceptional patient outcomes than meets the eye. Many things happen behind the scenes, including finance, accounting, strategy, negotiation and more.

Yet many physicians have shied away from honing their essential business skills for reasons of time, cost and stigma of running their practice “like a business.” The truth – as you’ll learn in this white paper – is a solid foundation of business skills helps physicians pursue their passion for patient care with greater clarity and fewer distractions.

Questions this white paper will answer:

  • How do enhanced business skills translate to patient outcomes?
  • What business skills do physicians need?
  • What have physicians said about their business skills?
  • What training opportunities exist outside of an MBA?

About the Author
David Joyce, M.D., MBA, is the director of educational programs at Essential Seminars for Physicians LLC.

About the Contributing Writer
Paul A. Gurny, MBA, M.S., is managing director of Essential Seminars for Physicians LLC and senior professional instructor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, where he was the chief architect of its award-winning Business of Medicine MBA program.

Published June 2016


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