AACSB Accreditation Is Synonymous With Quality in
Business Education

Higher education institutions are challenged to grow their online business programs while remaining compliant with AACSB quality standards. Successful online programs require a heightened emphasis on learning goals, assessment, context, communication and creating a sense of community among students and with their instructors.

Dr. Cindy Wheatley, Ph.D., SVP of Research, and Nancy Coleman, VP of Academic Services, answer frequently asked questions and share how to organize these efforts along with specific AACSB standards. Below are a few questions covered in the white paper:

  • How can my institution ensure it has appropriately qualified faculty to teach online at scale?
  • How can we adequately support distance students as enrollments grow and ensure that we have appropriate staffing?
  • How can online students achieve the same learning outcomes as our campus students?

Published December 2015

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