Nursing Education Strives to Meet Growing Occupational Demand

With strong demand comes strong competition. Our academic research experts compiled the latest nursing market data and trends for the RN to BSN, Master of Science and 11 main specializations, as well as the doctorate of nursing.

Download the conference call and market study to discover how institutions can compete in this high-demand field.

In-house academic expert and market study author, Cindy Wheatley, Ph.D., expands on the data and answers the following commonly asked questions in the call:

  • Which specializations should our school consider offering?
  • How can we maximize enrollment?
  • How prevalent is online learning in the nursing market?
  • How do you actually launch an online nursing program?
  • How do you teach clinicals in an online environment?
  • What does it take to be competitive in the online market?


Meet Cindy Wheatley, Ph.D. 

Cindy has a unique blend of academic and corporate leadeship experience. She has five years of experience serving as faculty and an associate dean, and 15 years' experience in online program management, research and consulting. At Keypath Education, Cindy manages a team of higher education specialists who collaborate with Keypath's partners to select, launch and grow their online programs. 

Each study in this vertical market series provides in-depth analysis for a specific degree market: degree and occupational demand and overall competitive landscape.

Published June 2016

Keypath Education partners with higher education institutions worldwide to launch and grow degree programs through online program management (OPM) – a strategic relationship entailing market research, capital investment, marketing, student recruitment, retention and career preparation. Through OPM partnerships, Keypath acts as an extension of your team, keeping your brand and academic rigor intact while accelerating the growth and quality of your program portfolio.