Learn How to Create Seamless Virtual Classrooms for Distance Learners

Online program design for today’s tech-savvy students is tough. There are a lot of stakeholders to involve, traditions to preserve and projects to manage.

Are you up for the challenge of engaging today’s tech-savvy students while preparing your institution for the future?

This eBook dives into what really matters in online program design, covering big-picture strategy and the executional details that distinguish your institution. The content is distilled from thousands of conversations those of us at Keypath Education have had with students on the subject of “What makes an online course amazing?”


Takeaways from this straightforward guide to online program design:

  • How to position your virtual campus for maximum awareness
  • Leading indicators in successful student retention
  • Design tips to promote student-to-student interaction
  • What students want from an online course

About the author

Nancy Coleman, Ed.D., is Vice President of Academic Services for Keypath Education and a champion of online learning with more than a decade of hands-on experience designing engaging online programs. Before joining Keypath, Nancy served as the Director of Distance Education for Boston University.

Published May 2016

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