Our experience working with hundreds of institutions has taught us that it takes a unique blend of art and science to maximize your marketing dollars.


Let us help you. Download our annual higher education benchmarks white paper and webinar resources for valuable industry context, program and market data, prospective student behavior, competitive spending and performance metrics. 


In the 2017 Higher Education Benchmarks report, you’ll find answers to these questions and more:


  • What are the top academic programs?
  • What are prospective students’ research habits?
  • How should social media reach compare to an institution’s student population?
  • What are average conversion rates by channel?
  • How much is your competition spending on advertising?

Download the 2017 Higher Education Benchmarks and see how your institution stacks up.  


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Whether you are a marketing manager, program director, CEO or university president, the research in the highly anticipated benchmarks is for you.



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