Build a Solid Financial Foundation for Growth

Online degree programs can generate strong academic outcomes and substantial returns, but they require strict fiscal discipline. 

This white paper, along with the video series featuring the authors discussing its contents, reveals the 10 keys for structuring and measuring scalable online degree programs by focusing on the financial aspects of the following components:

  • Program development
  • Marketing and recruitment
  • Retention
  • Building the right team

This guide is packed with tangible tactics that will put you on the right track to launch and build successful online programs.

Published October 2015

Keypath Education partners with higher education institutions worldwide to launch and grow degree programs through online program management (OPM) – a strategic relationship entailing market research, capital investment, marketing, student recruitment, retention and career preparation. Through OPM partnerships, Keypath acts as an extension of your team, keeping your brand and academic rigor intact while accelerating the growth and quality of your program portfolio.